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With the help of donors, IFS EMMAUS provided scholarships to 3,677 children in Burkina Faso

Dear donors, shipments from Burkina Faso arrived at our address yesterday, full of letters from children for which you have provided scholarships in the last year. Thanks to you, a total of 3,677 students have achieved the opportunity to go to school this school year, and since 2014, since we have been implementing this project, a total of 13,576 children have received scholarships.


All the letters of thanks are here. The team of IFS-EMMAUS employees is working hard on sorting and packing the mail which you can expect at your addresses in the next few days. All those who paid scholarship for children will receive as many letters as children received scholarship. We expected the letters with impatience so that we can forward it to all of you who have expressed a wish and left the correct residential addresses.


We would like to draw your attention again to write us on our e-mail or call us to contact phone number if you have made a payment to the scholarship account by the end of last calendar year and you do not receive a letter of thanks in the next ten days. In addition of provided scholarships for Burkina Faso, last year we sent the sixth container of humanitarian aid, which contained shoes, clothes, school inventory and school backpacks for children, along with school supplies. Look at their happy faces during distribution, children who really don’t expect much but of course they are very happy with these things.


Thank you on behalf of all these sweet children and on our behalf for trusting us again and being with us in another humanitarian mission. We continue with collecting scholarships this year and you can pay the money to the bank account of the Association with a clearly stated purpose of payment for scholarships of children in Burkina Faso. It is important to note that in addition to the annual scholarship, a child have school snack during classes and everything is included in the amount of 30 BAM. It sounds incredible but really truly in a country that is reputed to be one of the poorest in the world. By encouraging the education of children, we are changing their lives for the better, providing them with the tools for fight against poverty and trust in noble people.


All additional information can get via our contact phone number of the Association: 035 / 726-690

or by e-mail: info.ifs@mfs-emmaus.ba


Donation account number:

Purpose of payment: Scholarship for Burkina Faso

Uni Credit Bank


IBAN: BA39 3389 1048 0572 3482