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Heart, hands and shovel – Great physical support from young Stichting Proplan volunteers





























Young people from all over the Netherlands participated in the construction of the Center for the Elderly in Potocari last week. A tireless team of volunteers working voluntarily through the Dutch organization Stichting Proplan has given its maximum even in high daytime temperatures. They claim that one percent direct assistance is better than one hundred percent sympathy for these people. This encouraged them to participate in the construction. After a busy week, we used the time to socialize, so one evening a friendly game took place between our employees, members of the Homeless Team and their volunteers. The Stichting Proplan organization is our longtime friend and donor to several projects.



The construction of the Center for the Elderly in Potocari near Srebrenica is of great importance for this area and its construction is proceeding according to the planned activities and deadlines. . A state-of-the-art center of this type, built to European standards, is rising daily from the ground and taking on the form of a complex that will be envied by world-class centers for the care and care of the elderly. Our beneficiaries of the project “Love for Mothers of Srebrenica” are bound by a difficult fate and our team struggles to forget it for a moment and not feel neglected. A center of this type, where they would be housed in due course, should develop in these women a sense of warmth and family atmosphere, even though they lost their beloved members in the past war.

This is an opportunity to thank the Prolan organization as our longtime friend who supports our projects, and this time primarily the volunteers of this organization for their work activities.