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Qurban 2020. godine

Beside our sustained partner organizations and institutions of the Islamic Community in BiH, which regularly donate large quantities of qurban meat every year for the needs of all our beneficiaries, there are also a number of individuals who donate qurban meat or funds for the purchase of qurban. Respecting their will and desire to help our beneficiaries, this year we are giving information about the price of the qurban. The price is unique and amounts 300 KM per qurban.

As in previous years, the qurbans will be collected in the spaces of our headquarters in Doboj Istok. All collected quantities of qurban meat will be used primarily for feeding 430 of our beneficiaries in the Reception Center “Duje”. We will use meat also for the needs of other projects through which we continually prepare up to 3500 meals daily, such as; “Boarding accommodation for children in Potočari”, “One meal per day”, “Soup kitchen in Doboj” and for other projects.