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18 October, EU Anti-Trafficking DAY

Trafficking in human beings is one of the most complex, lucrative crimes that affect the contemporary society and represents the violation of human rights guaranteed by the International law and Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

International Forum of Solidarity-Emmaus (IFS-EMMAUS), through its many years of operation and innovative activities in the field of combating and preventing trafficking in human beings, and building the capacity of professionals and raising public awareness, helps fighting the state against this phenomenon. In recent years it has been observed that the number of trafficking victims who are citizens, especially minors who are victims of labor exploitation and forced begging, has grown. This is why IFS-EMMAUS created a mobile application “BAN Human Trafficking” which has a goal to educate the general public, especially young people, about the problem of human trafficking and prevention of this type of crime in the context of the regional project “Balkans ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) Now! “, supported by the European Union. Through interactive game and quiz users will be familiar with the various forms of human trafficking. Acquainted with potential dangers, users will be able to recognize similar situations in real life, and so will be able to protect themselves and the people they know. Also, a better understanding of the experiences of victims of trafficking should contribute to reducing discrimination and improving the situation of victims.

Today, on the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings, we call upon you and wider public especially young persons to join our campaign, in order to educate yourself about this application, preventive spots, and promotional posters in this way contributing to the struggle against human trafficking. IFS-EMMAUS, in cooperation with partner organizations and institutions, will implement educational activities in primary and secondary schools in different cities in BH, for school children, their parents and teachers. During the educational activities in schools, students, with the help of professors of computer sciences, will be able to learn about the functions of BAN mobile applications, and to try to use the same.

Also, this year, IFS-EMMAUS participates in the campaign “Justice at last” which the European Day Against Human Trafficking, civil society organizations from all over Europe gathered around the problem of human trafficking, calling on all European governments to implement the ten action points (attached), in order to provide access to the right to compensation to trafficking victims and to remove all obstacles that prevent victims in the exercise of that right. Compensation for victims of human trafficking is a key element of delivering justice for them: obtaining it means justice for trafficked persons and recognition of their right to remedy. It empowers trafficked persons, helps them to take their future in their own hands and reduces the risk of them being re-trafficked.

Download BAN Human Trafficking APP from Google Play Store and iOS App Store:




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