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Today, IFS-EMMAUS is celebrating 25 years of its existence and successful humanitarian activities throughout BiH as well as beyond the borders of our country.

At a formal reception with the presence of numerous dignitaries, donors and friends of IFS-EMMAUS as well as people from cultural and political life, today in the conference hall of the “Leptir” restaurant in Doboj Istok, the work of the Association in 2023 was presented, followed by the awarding of certificates of appreciation, awards and special awards for support in our humanitarian work.

Every year, we repeat that all our humanitarian activities would not be possible if we did not have the support of many organizations, foreign and domestic donors, business entities and individuals who have followed and supported us all these years as a strong wind at our backs.

Today we took the opportunity to thank them in a special way for that.

A large number of them were also present today at the anniversary celebration, where they expressed great gratitude for all our sacrifices and efforts, with promises that they will continue to be our support in the coming years.

We also awarded jubilee awards and prizes to employees who have been with us for 10 and 20 years through dedicated and responsible humanitarian work.