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For the sixth year in a row, IFS-EMMAUS has been continuously sending scholarships and assistance to the children of Burkina Faso in Africa, a country that is known as one of the poorest in the world.

Thanks to the selfless support that you gave us as an Association with the aim on helping to achieve the basic education of children in Africa, for the school year 2019/2020. IFS-EMMAUS raised funds for 2,050 students in the villages of Goghin, Gasma, Tangseghin, Guesna and Napalgue in the West African state of Burkina Faso, which is a total of 6,717 scholarship children since 2014. Apart from the scholarships provided for Burkina Faso, we have sent 4 containers of humanitarian aid so far.

The amount for scholarship for one school year of one child is only 30 convertible marks or 15 euros.

The amount is not really large and we have been witnessing a positive response from the citizens of BiH concerning scholarships for these children.

We believe that, thanks to you, in the coming school year, a large number of them will have the opportunity to continue their education.

Burkina Faso has the sixth highest fertility rate in the world, 5.93 children per woman. According to the State Department report from 2009, slavery is still present in Burkina Faso, and target are often children.

Although the poor financial situation of African schools does not seem to initiate progress in the process of education of this population, they make turning point in the hitherto very low turnout of children for schooling, with a great desire to learn and educate. Whether due to poverty or conservative upbringing of past generations, education is poorer in terms of the number of students every year.

Let’s test our humanity and create again the feeling that we have helped someone to finish school with a modest part of funds. All those who pay scholarships will receive a note with letter of thanks and a photo from of a child for whom is provided scholarship.

We singled out Letter of thanks from one of the students:

“Thank you, good man, you who have never met me, you who have not seen my family live in a small house at the end of the village and who do not know that there is a child who goes to bed hungry every night. Thank you for sending money for my education and here I am, praying for you to God even though I will never meet you, I promise I will follow your practice. When I grow up like you, you will be my role model, so I will support scholarship for someone too. No matter how far you are, you need to know that your goodness travels without limits so you have made someone happy. Thank you, good man.” –Cassoum CE1 Guesna, Burkina Faso.

It is important to note that in addition to the annual scholarship, the child have also a school lunch during classes and everything for 30 BAM. Sounds amazing but it is really true.

Account number for donation:

Purpose of payment: Scholarship to Burkina Faso

Uni Credit Bank


IBAN: BA39 3383002250449586


You can pay the money via PayPal directly to the address: donate@mfs-emmaus.ba or paypal@mfs-emmaus.ba

By encouraging the education of children, we are changing their lives for into better, providing them tools for fight against poverty and trust in noble people.

Dear friends, we continue with this project, so all those who want can still participate in providing scholarships for children.

All additional information can get on the contact phone of the Association 035 726 690