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Pretraga za:

A welcome guest is in front of the door

How big a plague must be to kill the will and intention that you cultivate in your heart throughout the year. She was not born, nor did they manage to grow her in test tubes, so that it clouded our brains and desire to which aspire people of sincere intentions. You separate of your own alimony for the other, patch up feelings of intrigue, extend your hand from the heart to the enemy, and trample on your own pride to that level that you receive gratitude from the One and be just as good to such an extend as it should be. Neither the best nor the worst, but in the middle as it fits. Well, then the grace and serenity/ rahatluk overwhelm you and for one moment you hear the ugly words, and for the other just as you don’t pay attention to the barking of a tied-up dog who is guarding the yard for the promised bone. Then, you inhale the blossom of spring in one go and exhale the summerly chirping of a bird at the early morning. We carry a heavy burden on our shoulders and we are certain it will not break us. We are proud with a lot of enthusiasm, ready and determined to make another Ramadan recognizable by our activities.

Dear ones, expect us even this Ramadan in front of your courtyards, we are coming to you with warm iftars.