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Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Bosnia and Herzegovina Haldun Koc with his wife Pinar Koc, as well as Dr. Hafiz Senaid Zaimovic, Director of the Vakif Directorate of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, paid an official visit to IFS-EMMAUS today, where they met with the Association’s Director, Hamzalija Okanovic, and his assistants. Given that our Association has a very good partnership with the Embassy and a significant number of organizations from Turkey, today’s visit of the Ambassador is of great importance for further partnerships. As part of today’s visit, they also took the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the Reception Center ‘Duje’, where, among other things, they discussed future cooperation in the field of humanitarian action.“I am pleased to see here today that you are providing exceptional support and social care to these people. In cooperation with the Vakif Directorate of the Republic of Turkey, the Vakif Directorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in cooperation with IFS-EMMAUS, we annually distribute nine thousand packages at the national level. Today we have the opportunity on the spot to see packages that will be distributed throughout BiH. I would like to emphasize Emmaus’ extremely good cooperation with Turkish institutions such as Turkey’s Red Crescent, with the Directorate of Religious Affairs, and we hope that this cooperation will continue in all fields. ” saidt he ambassador, Haldun Koc. He further notes that Turkey’s foreign policy is based on humanitarian work and here he had the opportunity to see in the field all the contributions we make together.