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Appeal for the children of Niger: „Humanity knows no boundaries“

IFS-EMMAUS is launching a campaign to collect aid for the orphanages and for construction of  secondary school in Niger, Africa.

IFS-EMMAUS assistance reaches to the most vulnerable categories of population not only in BiH but also beyond the borders of our country. Employee of IFS-EMMAUS, Mohammad Yaser Sabbagh, has spent the past few days visiting one of the poorest countries in the world, Niger.  In cooperation with the Turkish organization IHH, he visited several orphanages where up to 200 orphan children were accommodated and for the purpose of providing food for the kitchen at the orphanage was donated meat.

We are complaining about too expensive electricity, they do not even know what the electricity is. We are complaining about school walls that are not painted, their walls of the school are made of wicker. We are complaining about the lack of pedestrian sidewalks and that we are in danger because of that, but on their dusty roads there are no vehicles and they are often intercepted by leopards and hyenas. If there is a thorny path to success they paved that way for years and broke all the prejudices that education can not be achieved out from the misery. Without water, electricity, walls, boards, notebooks and pens, these little heroes learn the knowledge and they walk bravely toward him 10 km every day.  Food packages were distributed for the people of Touhousoungou village, that is 2 hours drive away from the capital Niamey. In this village lives 80 families and nearly 300 children. Most children do not attend school but the bravest ones say they hope one day it will be the door to a better life.  The costs of the two orphanages, Al-Yataama and Rahme, located in the capital of Niger, Niamey, are borne by the only non-governmental organization from Niger. 

However, this organization faces the problem of impossibility to provide all the necessary resources for the functioning of these orphanages. Since they do not receive a lot of help, they are not able to provide enough food for children as well. With this donation to some exstent we have helped the work of the kitchen for 240 orphans, but these quantities are not sufficient, so IFS-EMMAUS decided to launch a campaign to collect aid for these two orphanages and to fund the construction of at least one classroom in secondary school.

According to UNICEF information in Nigeria, there are almost 35 million malnourished children, 25 million children under the age of 5, facing hunger and death threats due to malnutrition, while around 10 million children face the problem of insufficient growth and development.

With your donation you can provide food for children in Niger orphanages and better conditions for education that are the only hope for a better future.


You can make payments on transaction accounts:


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IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746


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IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482


PayPal: donate@mfs-emmaus.ba

Purpose of payment: Help for children of Niger