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At the IFS-EMMAUS infirmary in Potočari were performed specialist examinations for mothers of Srebrenica and local population

Today, a team of doctors from the University Clinical Center in Tuzla, General Hospital “Dr. Mustafa Beganovic” Gračanica and the Reception center “Duje” in cooperation with the International Forum of Solidarity- Emmaus were organized examinations for the population of Srebrenica and surrounding municipalities.

A team of best doctors and specialists from these health institutions will be available to patients on a daily basis. Soon, Potočari will officially get a family practice infirmary.

In the coming period, population of Srebrenica and the surrounding municipalities will not have to wait in long lines for various specialist medical examinations. Because, in the next period, there will be available a team of doctors from the area of Tuzla Canton for two to three times a month.

You need to go to Zvornik five times. Then you go in Zvornik to get, and then come back again. We need hundred things. Now, everything is different, we can do all the examinations here”.

“You do not have that in Bratunac, you need to have an appointment for ultrasound and everything else. We come here and finish everything at once. Thank you very much for your efforts and for bringing doctors here”.

Medical volunteering is a special story always, point out the doctors from the University Clinical Center Tuzla and add that their moral and human obligation is to be on disposal.

“I have surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, internists and a neuropsychiatrist in a team. The goal is to help the population and colleagues, and that in this convinient epidemiological situation provide help in specialist-consultative activity “, said prof.dr. Šekib Uminahić, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs of the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

Ferid Konjić, head of department for the colorectal surgery at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, said: “Here, primarily, should be a team of family physician that will provide services from primary health care. And the rest of us are literally 24 hours available to that colleague who will be working here. “

Prof.dr. Zijah Rifatbegović, head of the clinic for surgery at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, pointed out:

“All the values that my profession has, actually, the profession of a doctor, feels completely affirmed by coming to Srebrenica. In this infirmary that is intended for providing services”.

Mothers of Srebrenica, Šuhra Malić, came for an examination today. She is grateful to everyone who have not forgotten the truly mothers of Srebrenica.

“Thank you very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to these girls who serve us and to the people who know about us. Srebrenica is full of our “robbers”. Nobody ever asked about us”, said Malić.

Beside the team from the University Clinical Center Tuzla, in humanitarian medical mission were also included doctors and nurses from the General Hospital “Dr. Mustafa Beganović” in Gračanica and from the Reception center “Duje” Doboj Istok.

“I am here for a second time. In the future, I will respond whenever I can. It is so generous and humane, we don’t have much to say here, whatever we say will be superfluous “, said Jusuf Hodžić, internist at the General Hospital “Dr. Mustafa Beganović” Gračanica.

A nurse at the Reception center “Duje” in Doboj Istok, Adisa Hodžić said that this day means a lot to her and that she is also glad to work with mothers of Srebrenica.

Our ultimate goal, without whom this project would not exist, is to open a family practice infirmary in these premises in the coming period.

“Now, we are in a phase of completing the paperwork procedures, which are necessary for the infirmary to have full capacity, when it comes to the employees and providing services in Center. First, we must solve the issue of a full-time doctor, which is a prerequisite for the work of an infirmary”, said Elmedin Škrebo, Assistant Director of IFS- Emmaus.

Mirnesa Smajić thanked Emmaus, saying:

“They are good organization. They help everyone. And my child goes to their Center. “

While we are waiting for the official opening of the infirmary in Potočari, we are bringing to an end another big project, and that is nursing home. At the end of the working day, humane doctors plant a birch tree in front of the infirmary as a symbol of the success of future health facility, but also for tomorrow’s Independence Day of BiH.


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