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Ceremonial opening of the Center for the elderly persons- Hatidža Mehmedović

Today, with a large number of guests and friends who helped in building modern complex, was held the ceremonial opening of the Center for the Elderly persons, named after Srebrenica’s heroine, mother Hatidža Mehmedović.

Our mothers who were involved in the IFS-EMMAUS project “Love for the Mothers of Srebrenica” will have priority for accommodation in this center, where they should find the peace they need and spend the rest of their lives together, and we will do our best to make it easy.

At the beginning of the ceremony addressed the attendees the assistant directors of IFS-EMMAUS Elmedin Škrebo and Willem Pronk – one of the biggest donors during the construction of the center, the director of Stichting Proplan, who said that he is proud of the work they have done for the past four years together with Emmaus – and he is pleased by the fact that now the mothers of Srebrenica will have their own home.

Also, Reis-ul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazović addressed the attendees.

“I am really happy that there is a facility like this in Potočari and Srebrenica and I have to thank Emmaus and other donors for having an ear and giving the mothers of Srebrenica something this big.” – words of Reis-ul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic.

Among others, the Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, led by Minister Edin Ramić, provided great help in the construction of the Center.

“I am very glad that we are part of this story and that we will continue to be so in the future. I want the mothers to see their old age here, and that their stay here would be pleasant and beautiful, and knowing the Emmaus Association, I have no doubts about that.”- these are the words of Minister Ramić.

It is worth to note that the singer Armin Muzaferia performed in the cultural and entertainment program, who brightened up the audience’s stay with his song.

Hereby I would like to thank our donors, friends, media and all those who attended this truly great event for us today, we hope that you will visit this Center and our mothers whenever you are able.

Good returns in better!