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Delegation of organization “Qatar Charity” in visit to Reception centre “Duje”

On Wednesday, 11.11.2015., the reception center “Duje” was visited by delegation from the NGO “Qatar Charity”.
The delegation was led by director of the organization in BiH Mr. Muhammad Washan, and beside him were also present guests from “Qatar Charity” in Qatar, the project coordinator Mohammed Yassim Al-Sulaiti as well as two office staff in BiH.
The reason for visit to Reception centre “Duje” is getting to know the activities of the Centre and the needs of users, in order to establish further cooperation, and on this occasion they delivered the donation of winter jackets for users of the Centre, which will certainly come in handy in the upcoming winter months.

Anyway, the organization “Qatar Charity” in BiH operates even since 1994, and since than it has implemented a number of projects to help BH. society.
Qatar Charity encourages people to be economically independent, offering them help in establishing business to facilitate their self-generating income.