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During 2021, IFS-EMMAUS collected funds for 3,677 scholarships for children in Burkina Faso

For seven years, we have been continuously collecting donations that enable scholarships for children in the African country, Burkina Faso, which is known as one of the poorest countries in the world. Apart from poverty, one of the biggest problems of their population is illiteracy.

In 2021, we raised 110,310 BAM, with which we ensured funds for 3,677 scholarships for children of this country who, apparently, would not have the opportunity to sit in school with their peers and acquire at least the basics of literacy. Thanks to the always good response of domestic and foreign donors and individuals, the funds will be paid in the name of scholarships for children in Burkina Faso. Letters of thanks from the children we expect at the end of April as every year, which we will, upon receipt, forward to all donors individually to home address. It’s really nice to be part of this engagement and the conviction that with a little sacrifice You helped a child in Africa to finish at least one grade of elementary school.

On the behalf of this wonderful children, we thank everyone who was a part of this positive story. We keep going! The activity of collecting funds for scholarships for children in Burkina Faso lasts throughout the year and You can pay scholarships in the amount of 30 BAM or 15 € Euros to the bank account of the Association IFS-EMMAUS.

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Purpose of payment: Scholarship for Burkina Faso

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