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Final workshops held within the project “Older brother, older sister”

Last week, final workshops were held in Srebrenica with volunteers who applied to participate in the “Older Brother, Older Sister” mentoring program implemented by MFS-Emmaus for the first year in collaboration with the Foundation for Supporting and Developing ”Older Brothers, Older Mentoring Programs sister. ”

The training consisted of 6 interactive workshops aimed at enhancing the competencies of volunteers who will socialize with the children beneficiaries of the Association’s services.

The goal of this project is social inclusion and providing psychosocial support to children through socializing with volunteers.

Volunteers in children encourage and support the development of good social contacts with peers and others to prevent negative developmental factors and reduce social isolation.

During the companionship, the child develops a trusting, safe and supportive relationship with the volunteer, which is a positive model for him / her. A total of 13 volunteers have undergone introductory training and after completing the training, volunteers will participate in the project and be given the opportunity, through a friendly relationship, to help the child to adopt socially acceptable behaviors, moral and cultural values, as well as the life skills necessary for independent living in the community.