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Today four minor kids of family Milkić from village Javor, municipality Gračanica received the keys of to their new home. This house has resulted out of a good cooperation between IFS-EMMAUS and municipality of Gračanica and our long-term friends and donors form UAE.

This manifestation was attended by the director, Hamzalija Okanović, mayor of Gračanica municipality, Nusret Helić, president of the municipality board, Nihad Krajinović, as other officials from the corresponding departments. Among others, the opening attended Demir Milkić, the “responsible” man for the completion of this action.

After we heard about the destiny that came over these children and their father we realized that something must be done. We needed to build a house for them. We included the family in the existing project “One meal per day” and luckily very soon our partner organization, Sharjah charity international positively responded to our request and decided to finance the construction of the entire house.

Works on this house started in May with the contractor from Gračanica, Invest Gradnja. We are very happy that we finished the house before the New Year and that moving into a new warm home will awake hope for a better life and happier childhood for Milikić family. Furniture for the house was financed by the Municipality of Gracanica and IFS-EMMAUS, and we will also provide firewood for the winter.

As we recall, Ekrem and four young children were left by their wife and mother more than two and a half years ago. Eldin (10), third-grade pupil, Muris (8), who frequents second grade, six-year-old Mina and the youngest, four-year-old Alma, stayed with his father.

“This means a lot to me as a parent, this feeling is hard to explain,” said Ekrem Milkić, the single father of four children.

“I love this new house, it looks like paradise, I dreamed this house last night. I like this double beds, I will sleep above and my brother can use the bed under mine”- said Ekrem’s eldest son, Eldin Milkic.

This year, IFS-EMMAUS has built three houses by turnkey system and in the final phase there are two more houses for the family Bašić from Lendići where we hope to hand over the keys next week, and to the family Mehmedbegović from Živinice.

We hope that all the suffering and pain will remain among the four walls that this family has left and that only love, laughter, joy and health will move into the new home.