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For 50 orphan families in BiH provided firewood

Thanks to the support of the friendly organization Yetim Vakfi from Turkey, there was provided firewood for 50 orphan families throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The implementation of the IFS-EMMAUS project sponsorship of orphans in BiH, which we are successfully implementing for several years, take care, among other things, about support of these families in procurement of firewood for the winter.

Children / orphans and their single mothers are often exposed to school and other unplanned expenses during the year and they are unable to provide funds on time or in general to provide funds for these purposes.
If we put ourselves in the position of a single unemployed mother who educates two children from inherited minimum pension, whom apart from the food are necessary school supplies, clothes and other necessities, we wonder how it is even possible for them to set aside some funds to ensure warmer winter for their little children.

In these moments, only a few people will realize all the factors and say that apart of all that, these children, like all other children in the world, deserve some other kind of attention. Maybe a new toy, candy or a new piece of clothing in which they will be warmer or that child will just feel better and more beautiful and not stand out from the other children. Unfortunately, this is not a rare case, but we as an organization constantly strive to provide these families with optimal conditions for smooth functioning.

When an orphan laughs, the whole world laughs. Good returns in better!