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H. Stepic CEE Foundation Assists MFS-EMMAUS Day Care Centers in Zvornik, Doboj and Srebrenica



International Solidarity Forum MFS EMMAUS for many years, he has given special attention to children and young people in his work. Especially for those children and young people living in difficult socio-economic situation, children in rural areas of BiH, children and youth from at-risk groups and children without parental care. Among the most significant projects targeting children and young people is the project of Day Care Centers for Children in Zvornik, Srebrenica and Doboj. Day care centers in different groups are visited daily by over 150 children who do not have the basic conditions in their local communities for adequate and quality free time. Children staying in Day Care Centers throughout the day are free of charge as are the services provided. And daily and primary activity is to help with homework, creative and educational workshops and individual work with children. From last September, the work of the MFS-EMMAUS Day Centers was assisted by the H. Stepic CEE Foundation, and the work of this Foundation was supported by Raiffeisen Bank International, of which Raiffeisen Bank is a member of BiH.

“ The involvement of the H. Stepic CEE Foundation in the implementation of the Day Care Center project by providing a meal or snack for children staying at Day Care Centers during the day was one of the most memorable moments in the work of Day Care Centers. Apart from the motive for us at MFS-EMMAUS, it is also our obligation and responsibility to continue developing these and similar projects. Aware of the importance of the support provided by the H. Stepic CEE Foundation, we express our great gratitude and commit ourselves to give our help to educate our children and thus justify the trust shown to us. ”- For MFS-EMMAUS: Elmedin Skrebo, Assistant Director for Development and Cooperation

The H.Stepic CEE Foundation was founded in 2006 by Mr. Herbert Stepic. The aim of the Foundation is to help children, young people and young women in Central and Eastern Europe, and through numerous initiatives, this foundation provides children with a better chance for the future, with a particular focus on education.