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Help for the Children of Burkina Faso: The annual cost for one child’s education is only 30 BAM / 15 €


Does the number 38 000 000 mean anything to you?  When we think about millions our mind will often take us on money, miles, land and so on. Unfortunately, it is a number of children from Africa who have reached the age of majority and not attending school because of poor living conditions. If we add hunger, disease, distance and danger they face on the way to school, we ask ourselves whether any child on the Earth deserves such living conditions?

For the past five years, IFS-EMMAUS has been continuously sending scholarships and help for the children in Burkina Faso in Africa, a country that is considered to be one of the poorest in the world. Fundraising for scholarships for the school season 2018/2019 is underway. The scholarship for one child is only 30 BAM or 15 € for one school year. Generally, this is not a large amount and we have witnessed the previous positive response of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to collecting scholarships for children.

Since 2014, IFS-EMMAUS has collected 2,994 scholarships for the education of children in Burkina Faso, as follows:

  1. 2014 year – 209 scholarships,
  2. 2015 year – 549 scholarships,
  3. 2016 year – 608 scholarships,
  4. 2017 year – 1628 scholarships,


This humanitarian action was launched in 2014 under the name “Test Your Humanity – Help Me to Finish School” and the initiator was a network of partner organizations BBF (Bosnia – Burkina Faso – France). Thanks to this cooperation, three employees of IFS-EMMAUS visited this country and were able to see the catastrophic living conditions of the local population, after which a strong desire occurred and a sense of moral obligation to help them.

Let’s test our humanity and create again a feeling that we have helped someone to complete the education with this modest donation.

All those who pay scholarship donations will receive thank-you letter and photo of a child who has received scholarship.