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Without prejudice, directly and with the attitude that we should help people. To people who are hungry, thirsty, cold and far from their homes. One of the forests in Velika Kladuša, which offered housing to these migrants, lowers the temperature to zero at night. The muddy and humid terrain makes it even more difficult to stay in this environment. Improvised nylon and blanket tents, wet and scant clothing and footwear, as well as abandoned factory facilities in the area, does not seem appropriate living environment worthy of a man. Visibly traumatized and without food, they are waiting for the moment to continue their journey to the countries where they are expected to have a better and more comfortable life than the current one. Constant migrations cause intolerance and resentment of the local population, which is completely justified. The same scenario has been repeated in Kladuša for several years without any visible progress. Although “Ljuti Krajišnici” are losing patience, we have witnessed that they have had a fair, correct and above all a homely attitude towards immigrants for several years. IFS-EMMAUS, beside immigrants, has been assisted to the socially vulnerable population for several years in Velika Kladuša, orphan families and other categories of people who need help. Sufficient base for providing help to immigrants is that they came from very poor even from the poorer counties than ours and they do not intend to stay here. That will be the reason why we will strive from one good and above all human side to help these people without questioning anyone’s interests and views.


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