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IFS-EMMAUS implements project of sustainable development through the dairy plant “IFS TRADE” Ltd, Klokotnica, Doboj Istok.

On a daily base, the Milk factory cooperates with circa 50 partners, and during the year over 300,000 liters of milk is collected and processed.

In its product assortment, the Milk factory offers a various product such as: yogurt, sour cream, mileram, and in addition to fermented products, products placed on the market are semi-hard cheeses, including: Trappist cheese, smoked Trappist and Trappist with addition of paprika and mint.

Among the best-selling products are fresh cheese, and seasonal products in the winter time are paprika with cheese and traditional cheese Čabrenjak.

All the listed products are naturally based, without additives and preservatives.

The products are placed in shops, bakeries, shopping malls and restaurants of large domestic companies in the areas of Tuzla, Zenica-Doboj and Sarajevo Cantons.

In addition, the Milk factory is providing milk products for the Reception Center “Duje”,

Soup kitchen in Doboj, Boarding Accommodation for children in Potočari and Daily Centers for children in Srebrenica, Zvornik and Doboj.

Let’s buy and use local products!!!

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and make sure of the quality of the products they offer.

Good things will return with better things!