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IFS-EMMAUS Initiated the Construction of the House for Family Milkić

After the first stone was set in May for the construction of the house of Ekrem Milkić, today the construction company started the realization of ground and earthworks.

Four minor children from village Javor, Gračanica municipality will, thanks to IFS-EMMAUS, wait for winter in their new home.

Ekrem is currently living as a resident in Drijenča village. Even though he is employed in Ltd.  Fortuna, the minimum wage is not enough to cover all the costs including the rent he has to pay each month. His wife left him alone with his children. He has four minor children.  Ekrem doesn’t have the possibility to pay services to kindergarten therefore older brother and sister take care of the younger. The eldest son is 10 year old. This family has been included in the project „One warm meal“ and the entire time we make sure that the kids have clothes, shoes and enough food and hygiene.

This is just one project in a row that IFS-EMMAUS implements and that is fully supported by Sharjah Charity Organization.