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IFS-EMMAUS placed first humanitarian container: DONATE CLOTHING instead of throwing!

IFS-EMMAUS has launched a new pilot project “Container for donating clothing and footwear” within which all donated clothing and footwear will be used for the purpose of IFS-EMMAUS project activities in helping socially vulnerable people, regular beneficiaries of our services and all those in need.

The first container of its kind was set on 12.05.2016. in front of the Prince mosque in Tuzla, and installation of greater number  of containers is planned in cities across the country. IFS-EMMAUS would be a service to the citizens in this way and to all those who have clothing and shoes for donation but do not know where and how. We invite all people of good will to once again show their humanity and symbolically help the most vulnerable. All the clothes and shoes you no longer wear, which is not damaged, from now on, rather than throw it in the trash, you will be able to put in containers that are made for this purpose. In this way you will help those who need help.