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The Ship Container of humanitarian aid for Burkina Faso in Africa, a country that is one of the poorest in the world, has been sent from IFS-EMMAUS.

The goods that are sent were collected from the citizens of Bosnia who donated their clothes and shoes to our humanitarian containers placed in Gracanica, Tuzla, Srebrenik, Živinice and Odžak, as well as goods donated by Bingo Doo.

The help also consists of school supplies, clothing and other necessities.

This country is among the poorest in the world and has been receiving help from our country for many years now, help from the honest and valuable people of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as our diaspora. This is the third container of humanitarian aid we sent to Burkina Faso since 2014 when we started this project. In addition, every year we collect scholarships for the education of children in Burkina Faso in amount of 30 BAM for the school year. This year we raised scholarships for 1.673 children in 4 schools, in total, 4.667 scholarships from 2014.

We thank to the Majlis of Islamic Community in Srebrenik and Gradačac, Student Association “Blue Butterfly” Sarajevo, Nur Han Zenica, and individuals, citizens of BiH and diaspora.

We want to thank all of you who through your donations have enabled us to help these people, and especially, thank you in the name of children who will be able to go to school, and thus ensure a better future for themselves.