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IFS-EMMAUS signed a memorandum of cooperation with Sarajevo Football Club

Good cooperation with one of the biggest sports clubs in BiH, IFS-EMMAUS has made official on 17th birthday with signing of a memorandum of cooperation. Sarajevo Football Club for two years is financing, from wages of its employees, two children in Boarding school accommodation for children of Srebrenica in Potocari and now this cooperation is formalized and extended to other projects. First of all this refers to Homeless football team of BiH, whose project holder is IFS-EMMAUS and International youth working camp in Srebrenica. Representatives of FC Sarajevo also promised to host youngest beneficiaries of Reception Centre “Duje” on one of their home games of the Premier League and thus provide them with an unforgettable experience. The memorandum was signed by the General Manager of Sarajevo Football Club, Mr. Dino Selimovic and Director of IFS-EMMAUS, Mr. Hamzalija Okanovic.

“We are proud to be a partners with International Fourm of Solidarity –Emmaus for many years  and today we are here to make this cooperation official in terms of the signing the Memorandum of Understanding. This cooperation will be reflected in assistance to the Homeless football team of BiH, Boarding school accommodation for children in Srebrenica but also a number of other projects; volunteer camps in Srebrenica and generally animating members of Sarajevo Football Club, our fans and supporters to, with a portion of their funds, part of their money as they are able, or some of their time as volunteers, spent in helping the organization, which counts more than 220 employees and who takes care for a lot of people who needs help” – said Mr. Dino Selimovic after signing the memorandum.

With this memorandum, IFS-EMMAUS is following a similar agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina national team player and Everton player, Muhamed Besic, and in such a way extending the scope of sports collectives and individuals with whom we work on projects aimed at young people.

“For us, as a non-governmental organization which has a large network of partners and donors, this is a novelty and we are looking forward today’s signing of this memorandum. Sarajevo Football Club will be included, in accordance with their capabilities, in the project of Homeless football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina and youth working camps that we are organizing in Srebrenica, where a group of fans will come, and maybe players to stay there for a few hours or days, at the International youth working camp and give their contribution to categories of beneficiaries for whom we take care in Srebrenica. ” – said Elmedin Skrebo, Head of Sector for Development and Cooperation.

After signing the memorandum, Mr. Dino Selimovic and his associates attended the final of 8th memorial tournament for the youngest “Franco Bettoli” held as part of the celebration of 17 anniversary of the IFS-EMMAUS, during which he handed trophies and prizes for the best teams and individuals.