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IFS-EMMAUS today donated 96 tests for the corona virus to the Cantonal Hospital in Gorazde. To the employees of this institution was also given 1000 protective masks, 3000 protective gloves and a certain amount of disinfectants they needed. One of Turkey’s leading companies, Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret, donated BAM 100,000 to IFS-EMMAUS to help Bosnia and Herzegovina population fight the spread of the corona virus (COVID 19).This is just one of the activities realized from the mentioned funds and in the coming period IFS-EMMAUS will continue to support local and regional crisis center’s as well as the health system in general.

Continued support and cooperation with the Cantonal Civil Protection Directorate of Tuzla Canton in the fight against the corona virus

Today, IFS-EMMAUS handed over 1,000 protective masks, 200 tests for corona virus and 10,000 protective gloves for further distribution all over Canton. A 200 linen were also handed over to the Student Center (Pavilion 1) of the University of Tuzla, which was mobilized by the Cantonal Civil Protection Center as a quarantine for corona virus infected.

“The Cantonal Civil Protection Directorate, by its order, mobilized Humanitarian Organization IFS-EMMAUS with all its material and technical equipment for the needs of the Cantonal Directorate and for the needs of the citizens of Tuzla Canton in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. The assessment of today’s fifth session of the Cantonal Directorate is that we have made a good move because the Association is well organized, they have their own initiative, they are productive and expeditious which is the most important thing today. Our needs that are expressed for health care centers in Canton are completed during the working day. Here, as a product of cooperation, we have this valuable donation, and before that there were two more donations that are primarily needed by hospitals and the most important item is the tests for the corona virus which are difficult to obtain even for the clinical center. Thanks to their connection with all institutions in BiH, through them I am able to procure the necessary things for the health sector to work’  said director Zoran Jovanovic in his address today.