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Employees and our beneficiaries of the services IFS-EMMAUS organized the fifth anniversary of the death of late Dr. Muamer Mujčinagić in the premises of the Reception Center “Duje”.

At the round table, in the presence of many employees, they remembered themselves on his work, on his advices and on his cheerful spirit. This year the doctor’s white coat symbolically stood on the chair as a sign and a memory of his character and his presence among us.

Beneficiaries of the Reception Center “Duje”, who loved him very much, wrote the most beautiful verses and stories in memory of the doctor and his work.

Dr. Muamer Mujčinagić will be remembered as an expert, and for his work and commitment in the Reception Center “Duje”. All employees and beneficiaries still have nice memory on him and they often go back to time when he was among us, in the team. For many of us, he was more than a doctor because he selflessly helped and worked, and at the same time he was calm, wise, dignified providing great support for everyone.

“The doctor was a great support for us, everything was possible with him. He always gave us useful advices and inspired man with confidence and security. We appreciated and respected his opinion, but he also appreciated all the employees by following their activities with the dose of proud to common successes ” states in his address at the round table Mevludin Mustafić, the head of the department for occupational therapy and a longtime employee of the Reception Center “Duje”.

Mirsad Kahrimanović, the head of the gerontology department at the Reception Center “Duje”, recalls emotional anecdotes from his work experience with the late doctor. In his statement he said that knowing the doctor was an exceptional honor and opportunity to gather wisdom and intelligence in one place as well as cooperating and talking to him about any problem. “His professional, continuous approach and communication with beneficiaries should be a positive example to medical staff in treating patients at the Center and beyond.” adds Mirsad in his address to all present.

The present beneficiaries remembered doctor and honour him with fatiha and a minute of silence. Commemoration ended with by visiting the grave of the late Dr. Muamer.