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Pupils from the elementary school “Hasan Kikić” from Gračanica handed gifts to the mothers of Srebrenica.

They should have been their grandchildren, but they were not, they should have been warm flowers from the  forests, taken by the pale fingers of the children but they are not, they should have feel a warm embrace of a granddaughter to cradle the braids before going to school. But it will never happen. The broken line and broken breath, cracked the heart in many pieces, but they laughed and cried with happiness. Today, most of our mothers in Srebrenica have been crying that they have never met the feelings for something that should have been.

The unforgettable gathering that we recorded with our cameras in the Boarding accommodation in Potočari was organized by the pupils and teachers of the elementary school “Hasan Kikić” from Gračanica who visited the beneficiaries of our project “Love for the mothers of Srebrenica” and surprised them with modest gifts on March 8th. The worthy children’s hands for each mother have planted one flower.

As part of the programs that were hosted by the Boarding accomodation Potočari and Day Center Zvornik for this occasion, guests with several recitals participated, and the school’s director, Miralem Mejremic, addressed the audience, expressing gratitude for the reception and congratulating the coming Womans day. For all the children, our mother Šuhra Malić, prepared the sweets that she personally handed over to them. We express our special gratitude for the idea and realization of this activity to the teachers Amira Dautović and Aida Čamdžić, who lead the school section of young volunteers and who always surprised us with their creativity.