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With them we visit the cemetery, help in the house and garden, celebrate birthdays, prepare firewood and preserves, celebrate Eid, take care of their health and many other things. The same like with our mothers, we provided love for them and mothers know how to appreciate it. No matter how many times we visit them, they are always happy for us and on their faces, we see traces of sleepless nights. Every time we ask ourselves, how their one night in silence look like, among photography that do not speak but cause longing, without anyone to talk to, complain, laugh and hope for something tomorrow. To something beautiful, to something that doesn’t exist and to something that was torn from their hearts not so long ago. Black nights are very sad, so we always try to talk and comfort them over and over again, and the real comfort no one will never find. Not while they are alive and their children killed even without one reason.

Live to make a house for you together and bring you closer to your children in Potočari, we are close and you need to be strong as before, do not give up until the moment when you will be in our arms every day to look after you and to take care for you.

We will always find time for your happiness and love for the Mothers of Srebrenica.

Live, so that you can tell us and warn how one mothers tear hurt, how gloomy and cruel the days are, how instead of grandchildren you look at the news that your children’s bones were found, how you got drunk from the same cup of sadness and as such to warn that never again and to no one this repeat.