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Their suffering is unimaginable but earthly, pain that is incurable, they are the mothers of children who are no longer with us. Caused by nothing, they are doomed to suffer, doomed that their body are among us, doomed that their legs follow the path where their loved ones walked and the souls are far away somewhere with the souls who are waiting for the fairest court. They return to their own their places with the hope that every 11th of July the wound becomes more bitter. Leading by the motherly instinct, they foresee black news about  the finding their murdered children , although deep in the subconsciousness they deceive themselves and from the corner of their eye they look over the bottom of the pasture next to the pine forests in expectation the silhouette of  the son , husband and brother . Most of these mothers buried their loved ones in Potočari and they eagerly await the day, when they will be covered with green sheets and burry them to the interior of the earth. A man must live, till the God’s will, they say tired and melancholy, and that is their hope, because they will not find joy on this world.  They need only talk and hizmet in order to avoid evils play with their minds before time of a Judgement day, but till then they will leave indelible impression, because that is how it should be.  It will remain the story, that on these areas lived courageous women whose children were taken from their hands and in front of them tortured and murdered. Memories will remain and those memories will be passed to the generations that comes so that this part of Srebrenica history happen never again.

During the month of Ramadan, our hard-working team of girls was constantly in touch with mothers and they help them to overcome their daily obligations and housework as easily as possible. Regularly we distribute iftars and other groceries as well as medicines. Our employees follow health status and together with them we will meet one more, very painful July, for them very rough and very painful. These forty mothers are our obligation and we will treat them with respect as it suits one mother and they know to appreciate that.