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Representatives of MFS-EMMAUS, led by Director Hamzalija Okanovic and Gracanica Mayor Nusret Helic, today handed over the keys to the newly built house to 77-year-old Nura Zekic from Miricina.

We are reminded that two months have passed since the foundation stone was laid for the construction of this house. The facility was completed in record time and all the necessary conditions for housing were created.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing an increasing number of older people living in dilapidated old homes, expecting such a deep old age.

So that life does not always follow that established course, today in Miricina we had the honor to hand over the keys to the newly built house for our Nura Zukic, in whose construction MFS-EMMAUS participated in cooperation with the City of Gracanica, all at the initiative of the Citizens Association “Euro Horizons”, as and the good and conscientious locals of Miricina.

This is another in a series of successfully completed MFS-EMMAUS construction projects and let’s be an overture for some new projects to Mirić’s locals.

In the aftermath of the 2014 floods, Nura’s house was hit by a major landslide that did extensive damage to the already wearable facility. Nura has run out of water, and the landslide is becoming more and more threatened with the collapse of this residential building. She is a beneficiary of the Gracanica Social Work Center with an income of 120 KM, of which 80 KM is spent on medicines a month.

In cooperation with the City of Gracanica, we have responded to the appeal of the Citizens’ Association “Euro – Horizons” from Miricina to assist in the construction of a house for this old lady who lived alone in a house in very poor condition. Our Nura Association has been known for a while through our One Meal a Day project, and we often provide it with material help, and building a house is just another proof that we are always there for those who need help.