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Office for Social Care of Riyasat of Islamic community in BIH, handed 10 scholarships to children, beneficiaries of IFS-EMMAUS Boarding accommodation in Srebrenica

Representatives of the Office for Social Care of Riyasat of Islamic Community in BiH led by the head of the Office Ibrahim ef. Malanovic, yesterday visited the office of the Association “International Forum of Solidarity-Emmaus” in Potocari and the Majilis of Islamic Community of Srebrenica. The delegation also attended Emina Beslija and Amela Brdar, expert associates. The reason for the visit was the signing of a scholarship contract for 10 children, beneficiaries of the Boarding accommodation in Potocari and a review of the needs of the Majilis of Srebrenica. Funds for scholarships are provided by Bejtul-mal to support education. The handed scholarships are continuation of support to IFS-EMMAUS activities. Over the years, Riyasat has been providing assistance to IFS-EMMAUS projects through various support programs.

In addition to supporting education, Riyasat of Islamic Community also supported other IFS-EMMAUS projects, such as: donations of qurban meat and meat products for the Reception Center Duje, sending humanitarian aid to Syria, and assistance to migrants. During the visit, the representatives of the Office for Social Care  got acquainted with other activities implemented by IFS-EMMAUS in this area, socialized with children, beneficiaries of the Boarding Accommodation, visited the mothers beneficiaries of the project “Love for Mothers of Srebrenica”, and visited the capacities of the Center for Elderly that IFS-EMMAUS builds in Potocari.

At its Srebrenica office, IFS-EMMAUS provides assistance and care to approximately 400 beneficiaries every day, of whom 158 are children, beneficiaries of the Boarding accommodation and Daily Center, 44 are beneficiaries of the Love for Mothers of Srebrenica project and other beneficiaries of the One Meal per Day project. The support of Islamic Community in BiH and all its institutions is of particular importance to IFS-EMMAUS, primarily because it is continuous and increasing year by year. This also facilitates the overall operation of IFS-EMMAUS as the number of beneficiaries increases day by day, points out from IFS-EMMAUS.