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Opening of infirmary in Potočari and lay the foundation stone for the construction of the Center for the Elderly Persons




Today in Potočari, with the presence of numerous guests, donors and friends, IFS-EMMAUS opened the newly built infirmary and lay the foundation stone for the construction of the Center for Elderly persons. To the ribbon cutting ceremony were present, President of the Municipality of Srebrenica, Mr. Mladen Grujičić, Begija Smajic – RS Assembly member, Director of IFS-EMMAUS, Hamzalija Okanović, and Director of the “La Terra Nostra Charity Foundation” Alma Palo-Aličheić, who handed a check in the value of 30,000 BAM for the furnishing of the infirmary. “Indeed, this is one of the best ideas that is being realized in the territory of Srebrenica, this facility will greatly contribute to the better life of the citizens of Srebrenica through health care services, especially for those living in remote areas, and those who are old and infirm. I believe that this is the best move so far in the case of Srebrenica, and the Municipality thanks IFS-EMAMUS and promises its support in this and in all other projects that are for the welfare of the citizens of Srebrenica “- said Grujičić.

IFS-EMMAUS, during many years of work and activities in the area of Srebrenica, recognized the different needs of returnees and, through project activities, tried to respond to their needs in order to improve the conditions and standards of the returnee population. There was also a need to improve the quality of health services and solving the difficulties faced by citizens when it comes to specialist examinations. Returnee families often live far from health and education institutions. The distance of the villages, poor road infrastructure, the inaccessibility of health services additionally contribute to poor health condition of these people.

In connection with the above, IFS-EMMAUS decided to start the project of building an infirmary, which would be available for the population from the Srebrenica area, as well as the surrounding areas.”

As it is a project of great importance for returnees in the Srebrenica area, and IFS-EMMAUS did not had its own funds to build an infirmary, we decided to find donors to help build and equip the facility. We have collected the necessary documentation for the construction and purchased the land, not far from the Office in Potočari, where is also an Boarding accommodation for children and other facilities. The foundation stone for the construction of an infirmary was layed on June 12 2018 and the donor is Sharjah Charity International from the United Arab Emirates. The total amount for equipping the infirmary with all necessary equipment amounted to 117,461.81 BAM. The dental officewith accompanying equipment is provided by “Stichting 4WD Supporting Bosnia” and the purchase of other equipment is in progress. “

The clinic consists of: an intervention room, a room for family doctor, a dentist office, a staff room, a drug storage room, a gynecologist room, 4 toilets, waiting rooms, wardrobe and files. By building and furnishing an infirmary, services will be provided for a large number of returnees, education about the importance of health care and the taking of preventive measures in order to protect health, and provide free services for all residents of Srebrenica and its surroundings. The availability of free specialist examinations within the ambulance will relieve the hospital, which will enable faster response for the patients with serious health problems. The complex will include one large building with one-bedroom apartments, a facility for people with disabilities, a restaurant with a kitchen, management offices, 8 houses, a creative workshops and other accompanying facilities.


The construction of the center was supported by a long-time donor Organisation PROPLAN from Holland, led by Mr. Willem Pronk, who has been funding our project “Love for the Mothers of Srebrenica” for third year, which beneficiaries will be involved in all aspects of protection and services provided by this Center.