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IFS-EMMAUS provided ophthalmological examinations as well as the purchase of eye glasses for 101 orphans from all over BiH, thanks to the partner organization IHH from Turkey, which provided funds for this very nice action to support orphan families.

The children chose their own frame for eyeglasses with the appropriate doctor recommendation installed on the basis of a medical examination.

We are witnessing a large increase in the number of children who have problems with vision. We will not speculate whether modern technology has left irreparable damage to children’s eyesight due to exposure to various media they encounter or some other causes.

We have resolutely stood in the prevention of this problem, which requires large funds and for which most of the families do not reach with ease due to the increasingly difficult financial situation, especially orphans. We have many orphan families in BiH.

From the very beginning of our activities we have been huge support for these children, we are currently preparing a number of projects for them as well as regular scholarships for over 1600 orphans throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will decidedly support them until they realize how cruel life can be and till they stand on their feet strong enough to resist every temptation in life.

Throughout their lives, amblyopia is only part of the dark side, because the loss of their parents has left on them with insurmountable problems and their mothers are fighting like lioness in all spheres of life.