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Organized trip to Rajska plaža in Bratunac for children from IFS-EMMAUS Boarding Accommodation in Potočari

Children are a mirror of a new prosperity, better and brighter days, opportunities and progress. “As you sow, so shall you reap,” said the old people’s proverb, and we implanted in our children the belief that here exists future for them, and wait for some braver hands who will

dig it out from beneath of the surface of greyness and darkness. We are really promotors and moderators of good stories, clear attitudes and unique possibilities for all people with whom we work directly or help them in some way. Children / beneficiaries of IFS-EMMAUS’s Boarding Accommodation in Potočari are our pride and a measure of solidarity and humanitarian sacrifice. They are proof that this country has people who will revive it and make it a place for a normal life.

We treat these children as our own and try to use every free moment in order that their attention would be focused on their nurture, education, entertainment and leisure. They are more than grateful, but we do not stop there, we always and again look for a moment to complete their time so as would not feel that physical distance from their families. We act as one and we act as a family, where we get the best for the benefit of our little ones / boarding school beneficiaries.

This weekend is a symbolic beginning of our school socializing through play, learning and fun, as well as everything that we plan to realize this school year with children from boarding schools, as much as epidemiological opportunities allow.