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Our strength and pride-Volunteers gathered in Srebrenica again

In the past seven days, a group of our volunteers, on their own initiative organized themselves in order to help within the activities that are realized within the Emmaus capacities in Potočari.

20 young volunteers from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina helped in a process of building an Educational center so as other activities that are implementing in Srebrenica, with the aim of providing more assistance for the people in need.

Youth volunteers are sincerely attached to Srebrenica and with their pure hearts and good intentions, want to build, leave a part behind themselves so that some new generations have better future. In this way they have found the opportunity to show how much Srebrenica is loved and respected!

We also organized an exhibition of photography with the emphasis on 15 years on realizing Youth Working Camps in Srebrenica, and we talked about the importance of continuing realization such activities, and the importance of volunteerism in future.

There were also organized sports activities and competitions for all volunteers, with the aim of showing the importance of teamwork, cooperation and respect through sports as a universal tool.

These activities have contributed to the promotion of tolerance and dialogue as a basic tool for the development and preservation of peace and strengthening the active participation of young people in the community, strengthened the connection between these young people who are already planning future activities with the same goal.

In accordance with the recommendations of the crisis unit, all measures of prevention were respected in order to protect the health of our volunteers.

We would also like to thank to the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which recognized the importance of implementing such projects and activities with young people.