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Potočari: Over a hundred free specialist examinations for the people of Podrinje in the IFS-EMMAUS infirmary

I𝐅𝐒-𝐄𝐌𝐌𝐀US infirmary within the Home for the Elderly person “Hatidža Mehmedović” in Potočarim justifies the epithet of necessary

Doctors humanitarians move the boundaries of solidarity with their free engagement

A group of doctors from Sarajevo was up to the task again yesterday, performing free examinations in the premises of our infirmary in Potočari. Over 100 medical examinations performed by radiologists, gynecologists and general practitioners were recorded.

This is established practice of visits of this team of humanitarian doctors from Sarajevo to Potočari, thus following the example of colleagues from Tuzla who also organize themselves willingly to help returnees. Yesterday, together with our employees, Dr. Ajdin Smajlović, specialist in clinical radiology, dr. Amela Hodža, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Leila Ljubijankić, assistant gynecologist, dr. Rabija Mehmedović, doctor of medicine and dr. Zerina Halilović, specialist in clinical radiology.

“We organize various specialist examinations for the people of Podrinje, especially our mothers from Srebrenica. We are happy that these examinations have continuity, because this is the best way to monitor the health condition of patients, who are controlled by various profiles of doctors here in Potočari, and they do it all for free and on a voluntary basis. It is one noble act of this profession and we sincerely thank them for that,” said Sefir Halilović, assistant director in IFS-EMMAUS for the Reception Center Duje.

The IFS-EMMAUS family medicine infirmary is located within the complex Home for the Elderly persons “Hatidža Mehmedović” in Potočari and is increasingly justifying the epithet necessary in this area.

We are grateful for yesterday’s response of the doctors from Sarajevo who continued their humane practice towards the people of Podrinje and especially towards our mothers from Srebrenica.

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