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Presentations on MFS-EMMAUS were held in schools

During the last week, presentations on MFS-EMMAUS as a humanitarian organization and its organization acting through projects were held in the cities of Gracanica and Doboj Istok municipality, „Hasan Kikic” elementary school, „Second elementary school”, and elementary schools in Velika and Mala Brijesnica. The aim of the presentation was to improve and enrich the knowledge of humanitarian work among primary school children, primarily through volunteerism.

They spoke about the importance of volunteerism for the wider community, how to find a way to help others and others who need it most, as well as how to engage children as young volunteers at an early age and become part of the Emmaus team.

In the following period, cooperation with other elementary schools in the area of ​​these Municipalities has been established, and through our presentations we will strive to create large a network of young volunteers as possible in the future, so that all of them together can initiate positive changes in society.