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Protocol for the Accommodation of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers

The second day of the Fourth Annual Conference on the Status of Human Rights and Freedoms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the OSCE Mission to BiH, representatives of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mr. Dragan Mektic), the International Forum of Solidarity – EMMAUS (Ms. Amela Efendic) and The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ms. Anne-Christine Eriksson) signed the “Protocol for the Accommodation of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers in the IFS-EMMAUS Acceptance Center”.

In this Protocol, users are considered as vulnerable asylum seekers if they are in the following categories (one or more of them): children accompanied by one or both parents, other family members or guardians, unaccompanied children or separated children, elderly and infirm persons, ill persons , persons with disabilities, pregnant women, nursing children, parents with minors, persons with reduced intellectual capacity, victims of torture and trauma, rape or other psychological, physical and sexual violence.

This Protocol ensures accommodation and assistance for up to 100 migrants – vulnerable asylum seekers in the following period, which includes food (three meals a day in accordance with prescribed nutritional values), hygienic supplies, clothing, footwear and primary medical care and protection, in accordance with domestic laws and international humanitarian law.