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Reconstruction of houses devastated by the earthquake in Syria


Last week, our delegation, led by director Hamzalija Okanović, had an official visit to Turkey and Syria.

Among other activities, we also visited the houses in Syria devastated by the earthquake, which we renovated thanks to the funds collected during the period of the devastating earthquakes that hit the area.

The reconstruction of 6 houses was carried out by the Masrat organization, with whose representatives we visited houses within this pilot project.

A good implementation, satisfied and assisted families, are the reason to continue with the project of reconstruction the houses devastated by the earthquake in the future.

The cost of renovating of one house amounts 3,350 BAM.



Apart from renovation, families also need other types of assistance in their functioning. So, in parallel with renovation, we will also work on assistance in the procurement of fuel oil as the most economical fuel for this area and circumstances, procurement of small livestock, seed material, blankets, bedding, etc.

Currently, in the north of Syria there are 4.5 million inhabitants, of which 1.5 million live in alternative tent settlements.

During the tour of renovated houses, in one of them lives a single mother with three young children. All three children are going to school, and their mother earns only 40 euros a month, which is too small amount to cover all expenses. When we asked them about their wishes, they shyly refused to answer, hiding their eyes from us. We have decided to financially cover the costs of their education in one year, which will greatly support this family.

You can definitely get involved in helping these families through the reconstruction of houses affected by the earthquake as well as other sustainable development projects for these families.

Giro account number for donations:

Uni Credit Bank
IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482
PAYPAL: doniraj@mfs-emmaus.ba