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Regularly, we are distributing 1,055 Ramadan packs from a friendly state to people in Bosnia and Herzegovina

IFS-EMMAUS regularly distribute Ramadan food packs to socially vulnerable people which is donated by the General Secretariat from Vakuf from Kuwait through the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in BH. Ramadan packs that we have prepared arrived to the doorstep of elderly and helpless people in Goražde, Doboj Istok, Doboj, Srebrenica and Bratunac. Socially vulnerable individuals who spend Ramadan days among family members with the inability to supply food due to the financial or some other reason they were more than happy with this donation. This is not the first time that the Secretariat for Vakuf of Kuwait support similar projects that we are implementing on the field, and we have significant role in mediating assistance from the Embassy off Kuwait in BH.