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Scholarships for orphans from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina

An orphan or a child who has lost a father or both, a mother and a father, due to war, occupation, natural disaster, chronic poverty, disease, accidents and similar.

Today, there are over 140 million orphans in the world, and IFS-EMMAUS, with the help of donors, participates in the monthly scholarships for 2,400 children from all over BiH.

The realization of the project “Sponsorship of children without one or both parents – orphans” began in 2012.

In addition to orphans who are involved in the project scholarship, IFS-EMMAUS also has a database of over 1,000 registered children waiting for a donor. In addition to scholarships, ie. financial support, IFS-EMMAUS implements numerous projects to support orphanage families and some of them are:

  • Construction and reconstruction of houses ·
  • Donation of clothes, shoes, books and school supplies ·
  • Donations through the distribution of greenhouses, chickens and food for fattening, sheep, cows, white goods and household appliances ·
  • Organization of excursions and gatherings for guardians and children ·
  • Organization of iftar and distribution of Eid packages ·
  • Distribution of food and hygiene packages ·
  • Educational and entertainment workshops for orphans and their guardians ·
  • Socio-economic empowerment of orphans

In comparing to year 2020, the number of children who received scholarship has increased by 500 new scholarship holders, which is a remarkable improvement in the functioning of this project.

During 2021, the IFS-EMMAUS Office for Mother and Child, which takes care of these children, visited about 130 families on the doorstep, providing them with various forms of assistance, ranging from food packages, iftar, zakat, firewood, one-day chickens for fattening and food for the same. There were often a distribution of sheep, greenhouses, white goods and furniture. At the request of donors, clothes and footwear were often distributed, which the orphans could choose for themselves in markets throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are especially glad that this project includes more and more scholarship opportunities that we strive to provide to these children and thus help their mothers to educate and lead these children in a dignified way and to get the children on right path where they will one day become independent and to function without anyone’s help.

By participating in the sponsorship of a certain number, or just one orphan, you are helping us to include an even larger number of orphans in our project.

The amount of the minimum monthly stipend for one child is 30 Euro / 60 BAM.


Bank account for cash donations:

Uni Credit Bank


Foreign currency account:


IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

Purpose of payment: Scholarships for orphans

When an orphan laughs, the whole world laughs!