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Shipped Container to Burkina Faso


Thanks to help and donations from BH citizens but also to employees’ dedication, today- 27/10/2016 IFS-EMMAUS shipped a humanitarian container aimed to help the population in Africa, i.e. Burkina Faso.

The help consists of 1000 parcels for children that were prepared and packed by children from Srebrenik in organization of Islamic community Srebrenik and Doboj Istok volunteers, school material and bags, food and hygiene articles, sanitary equipment and tiles for renovation of classrooms, construction material and agricultural tools. One part of aid consists of clothes and shoes donated through humanitarian containers set in Tuzla, Srebrenik and Gračanica and part from LTD Bingo donation in clothes.

Besides financial funds were raised for sponsoring 550 children for 2016/2017 school year in Guesna and Tangesine villages.

This appeal was launched in 2014 under the name “Test your humanity – help me to finish school,” at the initiation of the network of partner organizations BBF (Bosnia- Burkina Faso – France). Thanks to this collaboration three of our employees visited this country, which is known as one of the poorest in the world and had the opportunity to see the catastrophic living conditions of the local population where emerged this great desire but also a sense of moral obligation to help them.

In 2014, through IFS-EMMAUS was sponsored 209 children. Last year the number of children increased to 547 and we managed to send the humanitarian container. This year with joint efforts apart from the container, we managed to collect financial resources that are sufficient for scholarships for 550 children, which will greatly facilitate the difficult everyday life of parents and children for which education is required only 15 euros per year.

We sincerely thank Islamic community of Srebrenik, group of students from Sarajevo University who participated in sponsorship, citizens who in any way participated in this action.

We hereby announce that we plan to implement the same action in 2017, and we hope to provide funds for further education to an even larger number of children whom education is the only hope for a better future.