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This year, during Eid al-Adha, IFS-EMMAUS collected significant amount of sacrificial meat. One part of the meat is intended for the needs of our beneficiaries of the Reception Center “Duje”, Soup Kitchen in Doboj and Boarding Accommodation for Children in Srebrenica, as well as for the project “One meal per day”.  We distributed over 10 tons of meat to local people and socially vulnerable families throughout BiH.

These quantities of meat were collected thanks to enormous response of citizens who handed over their meat on their own initiative to our organization, but also those who paid money for qurbans to our transaction accounts, including Bosnian diaspora.

Certain amount of meat was collected with the support of the bodies of the Islamic Community in BiH from the area of the Mufti unit of Tuzla (Majlis of the Islamic Community of Živinice, Gradačac, Džemat Vukovije Donje, Čelić and Srebrenica); Mufti unit of Zenica (MIC Tešanj); Mufti unit of Sarajevo (MIC Visoko); Mufti unit of Banja Luka (MIC Kotor Varoš).

As always, we were supported by our longtime friends and donors:  Turkish Red Crescent, IHH Insani Yardim Waqfi, WEFA, Deniz Feneri, IHH of the Netherlands, Hasene and Sadakatash from Turkey as well as NU CARE LAZISNU from Indonesia and GLOBAL PEACE MISSION from Malaysia.

This activity that IFS-EMMAUS realizes every year during Eid al-Adha is of  huge importance because it greatly helps in the regular nutrition of our beneficiaries, but also gives us the opportunity to bring the joy of Eid to the homes of many families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially to those who live in remote and rural areas of Eastern Bosnia, in collective settlements and elderly population.

These valuable meat donations will not only help and sustain some of our projects, this will also help to expand our projects in order to realize as much help as possible to those people who really need our help.

“We are immensely grateful to all of you for your help because your support and solidarity gives us the strength to continue our humanitarian work.”

Good things will return with better things!