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In the Srebrenica Office, we organized a socializing for mothers, beneficiaries of the project “Love for the Mothers of Srebrenica” and it was attended by many acquaintances and friends of IFS-EMMAUS. The guests at the event were: Nedib Smajić – President of the Srebrenica Municipality, Alija Tabaković – delegate to the Council of People and other municipal representatives, the deputy of the Mufti of the TK head of the MIZ Srebrenica Damir ef. Peštalic, who in our address, only implied words of praise for the director Hamzalija Okanovic and the work of IFS – EMMAUS in BiH, and especially in Srebrenica. As a representative of the Proplan organization, Rasim Lemezovic was also with us.

During the social gathering, an event was organized by the children from the Day Center in Potocari, as well as the children from the Boarding Accommodation, and a special guest was the “Đulistan” choir from Bratunac.

In addition to the entertainment and art program, we briefly presented projects that IFS-EMMAUS successfully implements in Srebrenica with a focus on the project “Love for the Mother of Srebrenica”. Through the presentation of activities, we also presented the model of Center for Seniors, which IFS-EMMAUS plans to build in cooperation with the Proplan, an organization that is also a main donor of the project „Love for the Mothers of Srebrenica“.

The reason for today’s gathering was the desire to beautify the day to mothers and to thank all the friends and donors who directly or indirectly participate in the realization of this project, in particular the organization Proplan, which gives us unmistakable support in our work as well as in achieving our goals.