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SOUP KITCHEN IN DOBOJ: 280 cooked meals per day

Note for all irrational comments that we live in a better world. How much evidence should be provided about the daily integration of poor and disadvantaged citizens at all levels of government. Until a few years ago, colonels, tens, guides, artillery and infantrymen were fed here, and it all aroused with safety of the environment and the state. Someone had responsibility, someone had obligations, but someone in the end, had a goal. It seems to us that the goals and meaning in the barrack “Vojvoda Radomir Putnik” have changed for a long time. There are also regular armies, but besides them, the army that arrives is left to the mercy of the system that occupies their imagination with ideals and puts them in columns, carrying bins instead of guns, and they do not have war ammunition in their pockets, only the steak for meal and record of some unpaid electricity bill waiting for such a warm meal and bread.

Here, we put ourselves as an organization at the height of the task. At the very beginning, we track the local community’s understanding as well as the support of businessmen and agricultural producers. But as the project of the Soup kitchen in Doboj has been implemented for years, the support of a large number of businessmen has also faded, and the number of beneficiaries has increased.

In one day, two cooked meals are prepared for every beneficiary (280), but because of the impossibility of everyone to come to the spot after taking a meal, most of them carry meals for three to five other members.

1680 cooked and 280 dry meals a week is not such an insignificant thing and it carries a great deal of responsibility to these people.

IFS-EMMAUS is making great efforts to provide food for these people every day and not to lose the same quality. We will try to maintain this project in the future, of course with your help.

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