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The 17th EMMAUS – International Youth Work Camp in Potočari ended

This year, the main activity of the Camp was the construction of a Sports and Recreation Center in Pale near Potočari, the arrangement of the Center for Mothers of Srebrenica and assistance to the local population. Every year, volunteers take part in projects implemented by IFS-EMMAUS in the municipality of Srebrenica, such as “Love for the mothers of Srebrenica” and “One meal per day”.

Haris Okanović, coordinator of the 17th Emmaus – International Youth Work Camp for youth in Potočari, says that one more Camp has been successfully completed and that the most important thing is that everyone is satisfied and that they carry positive impressions from Srebrenica. “It is a positive fact that these young people return to Potočari year after year, gaining friendships and positive experiences,” Haris points out in his address.

In addition to work activities, we occupied young people with a lot of fun, educational, sports and cultural activities, all with the aim of socializing, gaining new friendships and skills.

Last night, as the final act of the camp, were distributed certificates of participation to all participants with an invitation to join us next year.

 Young people are always the driving force behind new changes, so thank you for that, you were all wonderful.