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IFS-EMMAUS’s Director, Mr. Hamzalija Okanović, mayor’s deputy, Mr. Nermin Alivuković and the president of the municipality council, Mr. Alija Tabaković met today along with many other guests and friends to set the first stone for the construction of the infirmary in Potočari located very near the EMMAUS boarding accommodation center for children.

This infirmary will be a relief to all the beneficiaries of our projects in Srebrenica, especially for the one included in the project „Love for mothers of Srebrenica“ although  medical assistance won’t lack  to all the local  population in this area including our children using the services of our Centre.


The value of the project is 150.000 BAM. The construction will start soon and the ceremonial opening is planned in spring of 2019.

This project is important for the local community and improvement of heath care system and it is the local community that will mostly benefit.

Volunteers who will join the 13th EMMAUS working camp will be included in the construction process. The Camp is held in Potočari from 10th to 24th July and hopefully will gather 100 young people from 15 countries.

“The aim is to help the elder population. We will try to keep our partners by us and we already have many volunteer networks, people , doctors who offered to work in this infirmary  for free here in Potočari“, stated Director’s assistant Elmedin Škrebo.

Not far from the Centre, on the same land where the infirmary will be constructed has been planned to initiate the construction of an Elderly home.


“This municipality is dispersed and therefore we decided to help the elderly citizens who are left alone and to construct a place where they can all stay together and be support to each other and where they will receive adequate care and medical assistance, „added Škrebo.

“We all know that the majority of Srebrenica population belongs to third age group, old and in need of medical assistance. We believe that through the project, “Love for mothers of Srebrenica“, Emmaus saw the need to help this third age group,“ pointed out Mr. Alivuković.

This is another project implemented thanks to the contribution of Sharjah Charity Association from UAE.

In the past two years, supported by donors, IFS-EMMAUS realized 25 infrastructural projects and this is the first infirmary.