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The International Day of the elderly has been celebrated at the Reception Center Duje

The International Day of the Elderly is celebrated every year on October 1st and was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1990 by a resolution, in order to emphasize the importance of ensuring an environment that can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the third-age persons. By proclaiming the International Day of the Elderly, the state is urged to encourage the older members to meet their needs and enable them to participate in society in accordance with their physical and intellectual abilities.

Of the total of 430 beneficiaries, at the Reception Center Duje, 100 beneficiaries of the third age were taken care of.

On the occasion of this day, they were entertained and were socializing with a conversation through which they could express their feelings, wishes and needs.

The friendship was additionally beautified by the children from the Day Care Center from Doboj who came to visit the Duje and then cheered everyone with song, play and recitations.

In addition to the entertainment section, a presentation on the theme “Health care priorities in the care for the elderly” was presented by the social worker Kanita Mešić.

The Reception Center Duje has become the second home to many people, and for most of them Reception Center Duje is the only home in which we provide a living environment adapted to the health and social needs of the beneficiaries, where everyone seeks to keep dignity and life security for every beneficiary.