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The Union of Municipalities of the Turkish World – TDBB Continues to Support Projects of IFS-EMMAUS

After supporting the project of construction of infrastructure for IFS-EMMAUS, under which the TDBB (Türk Dünyası Belediyeler Birliği – TDBB) financially supported the construction of two bungalows / houses in the complex of the Center for Children and Youth at the last meeting of their Executive Board, was made a decision on providing support to the functioning of the Boarding accommodation for Children in Potocari. A special honor to attend the aforementioned meeting of the Executive Board, and on the invitation of the Secretary General of TDBB, Mr. Fahri Solak, had the delegation of IFS-EMMAUS, who during this period visited the partners in Turkey, including TDBB. In the delegation of IFS-EMMAUS, besides the employees, was the deputy mayor of Srebrenica Mr. Nermin Alivuković. On that occasion, the Executive Board expressed its willingness to support the membership of the Srebrenica municipality in TDBB in the future.


In the Boarding Accommodation for Children in Potočari that IFS-EMMAUS realizes from school year 2012/13 when it had 11 children in it, in the current 2017/18 school year there are 57 children, with a tendency of growth in the forthcoming period. This is the reason why we are happy that TDBB has recognized the significance of this project, and we are extremely grateful to them.