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Valuable gifts of support for orphan families distributed throughout the Tuzla Canton



The love for orphaned children is unconditional and tends to increase constantly, we are witnesses of that. Little innocent beings who have lost one or both parents are forced to overcome various obstacles through life alone, or with the support of good people.

School, as a basic precondition for creating a positive personality, is a long period of time and requires large financial expenditures, and for us a motive to find as many donors as possible in order to facilitate that process that these children are going through.

Of course, in addition to school obligations, the life of orphan families also runs parallel to that, trying to raise and repair the household budget and overcome all crises as painlessly as possible so that the children do not feel it and in order not to create difficulties for them.

IFS-EMMAUS goes towards donors with these initiatives, and the results are continuously visible.

At the request of our donor WEFA from Germany, which also provides scholarships to a large number of orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are doing various distributions together for these families in the area of TC.

As the prices of firewood have risen and already created difficulties in procuring it for many families, we decided to distribute firewood and furnaces, as well as food packages, school supplies and backpacks, and winter shoes for children. In addition to the above, the representative of WEFA decided to distribute zakat for orphan families, which was collected in this organization in Germany.

Of course, our teams provided all logistical support during procurement and distribution, and for several days we have been on the field looking at the happy and grateful faces of our children/beneficiaries of the project scholarships for orphans.

For orphan families from Gračanica, Lukavac, Jelah and Doboj Istok, the donor provided a joint gathering with lunch and entertainment.

We sincerely thank WEFA organization for visiting our organization and engagement in distribution on the field, as well as donating all these valuable gifts for orphan families.